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Running payroll and managing HR tasks can be a complex and time-consuming aspect of business operations, presenting various challenges to organizations.

From staying compliant with ever-changing regulations to ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing, the intricacies of HR and payroll demand a specialized skill set.

At UHR, we understand the challenges businesses face in navigating these processes.

With our extensive experience and comprehensive know-how, we offer tailored solutions to streamline payroll management and HR tasks.

Our dedicated team alleviates the burden of these responsibilities, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring precision, compliance, and efficiency in all aspects of HR and payroll administration.

Partner with UHR to experience a seamless and expertly managed approach to your HR and payroll needs.

Payroll & HR Services

Payroll Processing & Salary Disbursement

Our payroll services go beyond mere computation; we meticulously calculate employee salaries, factoring in various components such as working hours, overtime, and deductions. Our commitment lies in delivering accurate and timely payments, providing employees with the financial peace of mind they deserve.

FS3 / FS5 & FS7

Navigating the intricate landscape of tax and social security contributions in Malta is a crucial aspect of our services. We manage these calculations with precision, ensuring compliance and providing employees with comprehensive documentation regarding their earnings and contributions. This transparent approach fosters trust and understanding between employers and employees.

Online Portal Clocking In/Out

Our innovative solutions extend to efficient timekeeping processes. Through an intuitive online portal, employees can seamlessly log their working hours, automating attendance records. This not only simplifies time management but also enhances accuracy, promoting a streamlined and error-free approach to attendance tracking.

Leave and Absence Management

A Leave Management System is a vital organizational tool that streamlines the oversight of employee leave requests, approvals, and balances. It simplifies the process through automated workflows, allowing for efficient request submission and approval. The system's intuitive design enhances visibility and transparency, while automated calculations ensure accurate tracking of leave balances, reducing errors associated with manual methods. Overall, it promotes organizational efficiency by standardizing workflows and maintaining accurate records of employee leave.

Onboarding of New Employees

The initiation of a new employees on the payroll system, completion of the Jobplus engagement form and FS4 Tax form. This encompasses updating the payroll platform, executing the FS3/FS4 process, and, if applicable, updating the relevant work permit authorities.

Employee Termination

This encompasses updating the payroll platform, executing the FS3/FS4 process, and, if applicable, updating the relevant work permit authorities.

Annual and Monthly FS5/FS7 CFR Submission

The CFR submission involves the taxable required gross income reporting to employees during the tax year, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Both submissions are essential for companies to meet regulatory requirements and maintain good standing with the tax authorities.

PE Number Application

The PE number, or Permission to Employee number, is a vital requirement for all taxpayers employing individuals in Malta. Our services encompass the facilitation and management of PE numbers, guiding employers through the application process. We ensure that the necessary regulatory standards are met, creating a foundation for a legally compliant and smoothly operating employment structure.

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